I Remember…


The Girl In The Train


The Girl In The Train

Two Worlds

I Remember… 
Our hands meeting 
only the glass in between, 
the hinged window closed, both 
moved to tears and silent lips. 
Tired from fighting the battle 
we keep looking at each other. 

I Remember… 
The relief of the long 
expected, hopeful freedom 
gained slowly. 
My face sticked to the window 
then releases…our hands slip 
convulsive imprints distort 
the sad fluid on the window 

I Remember… 
Sitting down, my hands cover 
my swollen teardropped face. 
I close my eyes, picture you 
- I left- behind standing 
at the station with a begging 
look full of despair. 
Together with my internal conflict 
of loyalty, I realise, that 
I made the right decision 
for a new and painless existence. 

© avriends - 2007 & © VANES (vertaling André van Es)- 2008 

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